Reasonable set fees for formation of Corporations and                       Limited Liability Companies

Articles of Incorporation and Membership Agreements

Meaningful advise as to choice of entity for individual purposes

Limits to personal liability for new ventures and enterprises

       Dennis has helped scores of individuals and family members in the formation of Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies.

       Limited personal liability for new ventures is often the key factor in moving a business from individual proprietorship status to an appropriate entity.  Personal assets can thus be protected for start up or continuing enterprises.  The use of such an entity also has tax advantages and helps create a feeling of confidence for customers, vendors, and other business relationships.

       Efficiency and effective representation is offered based on extensive experience and ready access to forms and information required for the formation of such entities.

       The attorney also guides the indviduals involved through the meetings for the formation of the companies, preparation of minutes, and internal documents to memorialize the agreements between the parties involved.