Major cases involving zoning and land use in Denver and Aspen

Litigation of disputes in State and Federal Courts

Technical expertise in preparing applications for permits and rezoning

Government service provides inside knowledge and perspective

Subdivision and growth management applications

Antitrust and constitutional takings litigation

Green has focused on this area of practice his entire career. His law degree included courses in Public Administration and rewriting of the Boulder County Land Use Plan. One of his first jobs following admission to the Bar in 1976 was First Assistant Pueblo County Attorney, representing the County in all land use/zoning matters

In 1981 he moved to Aspen and for over twenty years Green represented clients seeking governmental approvals or challenging decisions of  agencies. Clients included the Hyatt Hotel chain, Lyle Reeder, and Hans Graminger. Major cases included the Hunter Creek access , Kona Post downzoning/antitrust, election challenges, and the Entrance to Aspen

In 2000 Green was installed as City Attorney for Cental City primarily responsible for planning approvals, Environmental Impact Statement, federal permitting, surface rights and mining parcel acquisition, and eminent domain for the Central City Turnpike.

Since 2003 Dennis has been in private practice in Denver and has represented citizens in rezoning and permitting approvals and in litigation with governmental agencies including the Public Utilities Commission and the City of Denver.  Current clients include the Van Gorden family.