Represent both landlords and tenants in thousands of disputes and  court cases

Set fee for evictions to regain possession for landlords

Warranty of habitability and constructive eviction claims for tenants

Retaliatory eviction and civil rights issues

Section 8 Subsidized housing programs and issues

          Green has developed an extensive practice in the area of landlord - tenant law, starting in Aspen and continuing in Denver.

         It is helpful to represent both landlords and tenants because it allows the attorney to become thoroughly versed in the legal aspects and procedures affecting all parties.

       Cases have ben litigated in all jurisdictions in the metropolitan area in Denver, Jefferson, Adams, Arapahoe,Douglas, Weld, and Larimer Counties.

       The attorney's extensive bankruptcy practice is similarly useful as bankruptcy can often be a consideration or factor in an eviction case.

       Green is also thoroughly familiar with the specialized statutes regarding mobile homes and parks, having represented many parks and their residents.

       For landlords a cap on hourly fees is set so that the owner knows the maximum amount they will be charged to obtain possession of the rental premises.

       For tenants, a set fee is often appropriate for handling matters such as lease terminations, unihabitable units, return of security deposits, and similar matters.